Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Bringing Food To Your Table Since 1987

Set up in 1987, Kee Song started off by selling chickens to wet market vendors. Gradually, we widened our circle of vendors to include top hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

A leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia today, Kee Song Group owns several farms to meet the increasing demands of our clients around the region. Besides rearing chickens, we also handle the processing, packaging and distribution of fresh chilled and frozen poultry. We have also been publicly listed in Taiwan.

Over the years, we started embracing innovative farming techniques, in the hope of giving our consumers greater health benefits.

In 2005, Kee Song brought Japanese lactobacillus farming technology into our rearing method for our Sakura Chickens, which have more tender and lower fat chicken meat. This method won us the Merit for Innovation Award (2009-2011) from Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Subsequently, we collaborated with a scientist to develop our own lactobacillus feed technology, which allows our chickens to grow healthily without having to inject antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

Incorporating lactobacilli into our chickens’ diet, we rear chickens that are not just tasty and tender. They also have significantly less fat than normal chickens. Our premium CaroGold Chickens eventually got us a “Lower in Saturated Fat” healthier choice label from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board.


To give our consumers greater nourishment, we push the frontier of innovation by introducing nutrients – such as carotenoids (read the benefits of CaroGold Chickens here) and cordyceps – into our premium chickens. We even offer customised chickens where they are fed with nutrients as specified by consumers.

All our food processes are backed by ISO9001, HACCP,and Halal certifications (Awarded by Jakim, Malaysia), making Kee Song a brand that every household can rely on – as a guardian of healthy living.