Is It Safe for Health to Consume Raw Meat?

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Is It Safe for Health to Consume Raw Meat?

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Many people around the globe consume raw meat without a care in the world. Though a mere thought of it might freak out others. With regards to people having religious dietary strictures, it might sound bizarre to eat raw fish or beef, but many people worldwide are eating this as a trend. Singaporean, Lebanese, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish cuisines include some mouth-watering dishes that contain raw meat. However, you should always consume fresh meat from your local stores. For instance, if you are planning to try raw meat in Singapore, make sure it is from a fresh meat delivery service in Singapore.

Is raw meat safe to eat?

Though there are no proven benefits or backing theories related to this question, many people consume it regularly and haven’t seen any danger to their health. It is too soon to give a straight answer. Health specialists have raised certain concerns regarding following this trend blindly.

Eating meat takes you back in time to the age of human evolution. However, did you know that raw or parboiled meat can cause most ailments from Europe to Asia? Consumption of it can cause food poisoning and other foodborne diseases like typhoid and jaundice, which contain bacteria and pathogens from the animal’s body. Let’s read more about the potential risk of mindlessly following the raw meat eating trend.

The risk associated with eating raw meat

The meat of dead animals contains the same bacteria and pathogens as the animal itself, so anyone eating it raw is at high risk of contracting several health conditions. Bacterias like Listeria, E, Salmonella, and Campylobacter breed in raw meat. You can destroy these bacteria by cooking the meat at high temperatures. However, dishes like Sushi and Kari Debal contain raw meat. While preparing these dishes, you can get fresh meat delivery in Singapore, Korea, Italy, or wherever you reside.

Pregnant women and children should avoid the consumption of raw meat. Their digestive system will not be able to digest it properly and can cause foodborne diseases.

The right way to eat raw meat

The raw meat of various cultures is often seasoned with herbs and extracts that kill bacteria, but do they do any good to prevent the spread of pathogens? There is no guarantee that raw meat is free of harmful infections, but some studies say it is packed with nutrients. Thus, it is best to cook meat properly in order to destroy pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Many dishes around the world contain raw meat, and cooking them would simply change their flavor and texture. Here are some dishes from around the world that contain raw meat.

  • Tartare
  • Koi soi
  • Kitfo
  • Carpaccio
  • Yukhoe


Each dish mentioned above is prepared with raw meat, but people relish it. They are a part of a few richest cuisines worldwide. No matter which part of the world you reside in, you can enjoy any cuisine you fancy. Even if you are in Singapore, you can taste the delicacy of Korea – the famous Yukhoe too. If you are cooking at home, you can get your fresh meat delivered from a wholesale meat supplier in Singapore for premium quality meat.

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