Light and Easy Chicken Broth Recipe!

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Light and Easy Chicken Broth Recipe!

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Do you want to brew something light on the stomach that can be made easily? Well, if you want to take the easy way, nothing beats the nutritiousness and wholesomeness of chicken broth. Packed with feel-good flavours and plenty of health benefits, chicken broth and collagen soup in Singapore are coupled with many delicious recipes.

But first, what is chicken broth?

Chicken broth is a classic, enriched with flavour recipe wildly popular in Singapore. It is seasoned with herbs and can make soups, ramen, and rice. It is made mostly with bones and meat and is simmered on the stove on a low flame to extract all the goodness from the bones into the water. You can create the White Bee Hoon recipe with collagen soup/chicken broth, Asian chicken risotto, chicken macaroni soup with vegetable medley or a Korean army stew recipe. From traditional pots of deliciousness to many oriental and continental dishes, chicken broth practically goes with everything.

Nutritional perks of chicken broth

Only a few people know that chicken broth is packed with nutrients. The collagen soup contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and other essential benefits. In addition, when the broth is brewed, the bones connective tissue of the bones renders the body with many healthy natural compounds typically found in cartilage. Although there are many nutritional advantages of chicken bone broth, some of the most well-known ones are listed as follows:

  • The broth is made from collagen in bones, so it is also considered anti-ageing. When the broth is boiled, collagen breaks down into healthy amino acids and gelatine.
  • Chicken broth is rich in amino acid glycine that may support healthy sleep patterns and regulate your biological clock by lowering overall body temperature.
  • The collagen present in chicken bone broth can also help relieve the sigh of osteoarthritis pain and joint stiffness.
  • Gelatine can also help with better food movement and metabolism when it binds with water.
  • Chicken broth can also increase the body’s immunity function due to the healthy amino acids.

Ways to use chicken broth

Believe it or not, there are many exciting ways to use chicken bone broth. It can be used as an impeccable base for any curries or soups. You can also use it for cooking ramen or rice. Just use it in place of water; the food will be more nutritious and taste a thousand times better. Many people also drink broth to enjoy the benefits of bone broth. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes, and it can be coupled perfectly with an appetizer, main course or fusion dish. Simple as that!


Ready to create some mouthwatering delicious recipes with chicken broth? Whether you cook it with some of your favourite veggies, boneless chicken leg, chicken drumstick, chicken breast, or other fresh cuts, it will flood your palate with the finest flavours. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself when experimenting with some simple yet delectable recipes!

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