To provide mankind with better and healthier food choices,
through sustainable practices.



Of all Resellers

Maintaining a mutually gratifying relationship by being a quality food supplier with high ethical standards which resellers feel proud and confident in selling.

Of all Employees

To motivate employees to realise their full potential through an exciting working environment, equitable compensation package, learning opportunities and career advancement prospects.

Of all Customers

Passionately advocating our consumers healthier products for a healthier living and be the trusted brand known for quality, safe, nutritious and tasty products.

Of all Shareholders

Maximising returns for our shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities

Of the Community

By setting an example in conducting business in a socially responsible way.ย  Thus inspiring the communityโ€™s confidence in us

Sustainable Farming

Green and Environmentally Friendly

Pure strains of Lactobacillus cultivated in Singapore R&D Lab

Chicken is fed on Lactobacillus, healthy antibiotic-free diet of corn, soybean rich in vitamins and nutrients

Three premium chicken products enhanced by uniquely formulated feed

Healthy and tasty chicken delivered to the market

Lactobacillus fed chicken droppings are fermented for 120 days

Processed to nutribiotic fertiliser

Fresh and healthy vegetables delivered to the market