How do we apply the promo code?

You would need to register an account and log in with your username in order to use the promo code

Does your whole chicken come with head & feet intact?

Premium Fresh/Frozen Chicken (Sakura) = with head & feet

Premium Fresh/Frozen Chicken (Lacto and CaroGold) = without head & feet

Normal Chicken (Frozen, Black & Kampong chicken) = with head & feet

Which are the products that are reared without antibiotics?

All our premium product range such as Lacto, Sakura, CaroGold are ensured to be antibiotic free chicken products.

Will it be safe to thaw and refreeze the frozen products?

Not recommended to do that as bacteria do grow after thawed. I will suggest you break the portion needed and keep the unthaw portion back.

For frozen products, if you won’t be able to consume it, yes, please cut the portion you will able to consume before it thaws. Do keep the remaining portion in the freezer to freeze it. When you will like to consume, thaw it and cook it, however, do not refreeze it back one you thaw it as per AVA guideline.

Are your chickens farmed in “Cage Free” environment?

Our organically farmed chicken are reared free-range. The chickens are reared in water cool close house with humidity and wind control.

Order Cancellation?

Cancellation request must be done 48 hours before delivery date. In the event of cancellation is accepted, customer is liable to the charges as below:

Payment via PayPal (Domestic)- Charges of 3.2% of your total bill plus S$0.50 is required.

Payment via PayPal (International)- Charges of 4.2% of your total bill plus S$0.50 is required.

Payment via Stripe - Charges of 3.4% of your total bill plus $0.50 is required.

For more information please refer to the

Terms And Conditions

What is the difference between Lacto & Sakura Chicken?

Lacto Chicken – Organically farmed & fed with lactobacillus from Singapore technology.

Sakura Chicken - Non - Organically Farmed Chicken & fed with lactobacillus from Japan technology.

What is the delivery cost for our online store?

There will be no delivery fee if you purchase over $59 and above, otherwise a $10 surcharge applies.

What strain of Lactobacillus do you feed the Premium Chickens?

Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Fermentum

What is the ideal consume term for fresh and frozen products?

For fresh poultry products, it is better to consume within 3 days; whereas for frozen products is within 6 months. However, for both fresh and frozen products, do not refreeze it back once you thawed it as per AVA guideline.

Any perks for new customer at Kee Song Online?

You are entitled to a one-time $5 off first time purchase! Key in coupon code Hellokeesong at the checkout page to enjoy the offer!

Can I change the delivery date or items after order placed at Kee Song Online?

Please contact Kee Song Online hotline at 91889222 at least 2 days before the initial delivery date. Any request later than 2 days before initial date will not be accepted. Hotline operating hour is from Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm and Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm, except public holidays.