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Delivery, Cancellation & Return Policy

  • Order Cancellation

    We understand that sometimes your culinary plans may change and orders may need to be cancelled. Cancellation request must be done 48 hours before delivery date. In the event of cancellation is accepted, customer is liable to the charges as below:

    Payment via PayPal (Domestic)- Charges of 3.2% of your total bill plus S$0.50 is required.

    Payment via PayPal (International)- Charges of 4.2% of your total bill plus S$0.50 is required.

    Payment via Stripe – Charges of 3.4% of your total bill plus $0.50 is required.

    If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the selected delivery date, the full purchase amount will be forfeited as we are dealing with fresh products items directly from farm.

  • How do I submit a request to cancel my order?

    Please email your cancellation request with your order number to us at or contact us directly at (65) 9188 9222.

  • What if Iā€™m not in on the day of delivery?

    Delivery personnel will try to contact you with a buffer time of 10 minutes waiting time as our delivery team need to rush off to the next location and they will like to ensure all our customers are receiving the best quality of the products upon receiving, therefore we are unable to wait for more than 10mins upon reaching of your delivery location.
    Should there be no one to receive a delivery at the date or after the 10 minutes buffer time, our staff will leave the items at your doorstep.
    Unfortunately there will be a re-delivery charge of S$10.00 applied should our staff fail to deliver upon first arrival.

  • What if I am on the way to receive the delivery?

    Delivery personnel will place the items at your doorstep.

  • Return Policy

    We hope that you will be satisfied with you order, however if you are not then we will do a exchange or refund for any products discrepancies with reasonable grounds supported with photo evidence or to retrieve it back for further quality analysis so that we can upkeep and improve on all our products.

Account Terms

  • All purchaser must registered as an authorized user before they could access and purchase from Kee Song online
  • All user binding to an account which allows Kee Song online to trace in case of problems
  • All registered user must be 18 years old and above
  • Any changes for mailing information must be updated by registered user to Kee Song online
  • All information provided by the Registered user must be genuine
  • Kee Song online grants every individual a single, non-exclusive account to access our Kee Song online services
  • Kee Song online reserved all rights to refuse, suspend and terminate every registered user
  • Guest shoppers may only browse.
  • Delivery fee auto charge for order amount below $59. There will be no refund on delivery fee.

Terms binding all registered user and Kee Song

  • Registered user will be able to access to all Kee Song products
  • User confidential profile, mailing address and other information
  • Kee Song online will not be liable
  • Safeguarding of Password and user ID
  • Damage of loss and unauthorized purchasing for any unauthorized account access

Use of Service and Privacy

  • The Kee Song online services are protected by registered and trademarks and other law of both republic and foreign countries
  • Any feedback comments and suggestion provided by user will be considered as voluntary and Kee Song online will be free to use it without any obligation.
  • All users do not have the rights to use the company name, trade mark, logo and any of the in-house brands for their own advertising campaign.
  • All user are bind to all the terms mentioned above

Points Policy

  • Kee Song Online member are entitled to accrue Chick Points on purchase at Kee Song Online platform
  • The rates of accrual and redemption of the Chick Points shall be determine at the sole and absolute discretion of Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd restrictions may apply
  • Accrual of Chick Points is only available for Kee Song Online platform
  • Chick Points accrued on a particular date will expire on first-in-first-out basis after 12 months from the date of accrual if not used or redeemed
  • Chick Points are non-transferrable or exchange for cash
  • Chick Points are non-refundable

Operations and Delivery

  • All deliveries are only available for Singapore mainland only.
  • All deliveries will be delivered to the provided delivery address by the registered user.
  • There shall be no cancellation of orders upon confirmation.
  • Kee Song online delivers to your orders to your doorstep, recipients are responsible to check their orders against the Invoice / Delivery Note.
  • It is recommended for authorized family members to receive the delivery. In any circumstances that the orders are requested to be left at the intended premises without any receiver, Kee Song online shall not be liable to any loss or damages.
  • All delivery slots requested are subjected to availability from our logistics department.
  • Kee Song online reserved the rights to refuse any special arrangement by users subjected to case by case basis.
  • Kee Song online reserved the rights to delay orders in any circumstances occurred during the delivery process.
  • Should the online differs from the Invoice / Delivery Note, Kee Song online shall make adjustments to the final bill or re-schedule a delivery.
  • Users are required to provide a “Third Party Address”, should the order be delivered to a third party.
  • All prices stated on Kee Song online are only meant for online shopping / purchasing.

Prices may vary between Supermarkets and online store.

  • In any cases that the orders received are damaged, Kee Song online reserved the right to request for photo evidences before deciding on a re-imbursement.
  • All items leaving our distribution centre have been checked for quality and accurate quantity.
  • All orders will be processed for delivery only when the payment is been made.
  • All payment is transmitted through secure payment channels
  • Once payment and orders are submitted, any changes are not possible.
  • Kee Song online reserved the rights to make any changes to the prices of all products.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • All user are strongly recommended to check their orders before making any payments


  • Kee Song online takes your personal information privacy and seriously
  • 18 years old and below, please do not attempt to registered for this website or send any information about yourself to the company. In any cases that you registered with Kee Song online, we reserved the right to terminate your account without your consent.
  • Kee Song online will store all information provided by all users and allowing Kee Song online to provide services. Information stored and required are:
    • Full Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Third Party Mailing Addresses
    • Payment information
    • Email address
    • Mobile contact
  • All registering user can opt not to provide certain information but may not benefits from our special features
  • Whenever a user interacts with Kee Song online, we automatically received and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and pages you requested.
  • With the user information, we use this data to aggregate form but not identifying the user personally. The purpose of this collection is because Kee Song online would want to calculate how often our user log in to purchase and use our services.
  • Kee Song online will not disclosed any aggregate information to a partner or other online platforms
  • Kee Song online may collect use or disclose personal data of user knowledge and consent
  • Kee Song online may collect, use or disclose personal data in an appropriate manner for the circumstances, only if user are informed of the purpose for such action other
  • Kee Song online will not be held responsible for any similar information posted in other online platform outside
  • There will be scenarios that there are differences between the product photos displayed and actual good delivered. Kee Song online will not be responsible to re- delivery for such differences
  • No email orders are accepted. All orders will be processed via the purchasing platform
  • As not all product sizes will be exactly the same with as per description offered on this website, we reserve the right to provide the best available size of the Product corresponding to the price quoted or the nearest size at the nearest price. We will ensure that the price, quantities and sizes of the Products shown on this website are accurate. However, we reserve the right to correct any inaccuracies in the price and other details of the Products without notice, and you will be bound by any adjustment to the price or description of the Products notwithstanding our acceptance of your order.

Changes to this Policy

  • The statements made, and the information provided is a general guide and there may be changes following publication which affect the contents.