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Chicken is a staple protein in many households and can be prepared in a variety of ways depending on the recipe. To ensure you have the perfect cut of meat for your dish, Kee Song offers a wide selection of fresh lacto chicken parts, including wings, thighs, breasts, drumsticks, and liver. Our chicken parts are farmed without antibiotics, ensuring that you are feeding your family healthy and safe meat.

Whether you’re preparing a backyard barbecue and need boneless chicken breasts, or making a hearty stew with chicken thighs, our chicken parts come in various cuts and sizes to fit your needs. As a reliable source of fresh and organic chicken parts, Kee Song is committed to providing sustainable and high-quality products to meet all your cooking needs.

As a wholesale chicken supplier in Singapore, we pride ourselves on our commitment to animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. So, the next time you’re planning your weekly meals or hosting an event, consider adding our chicken parts to your grocery list. You can trust that our chicken parts are of the highest quality and safe for your family to enjoy.

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