3 Major Reasons Why You Should be Eating Antibiotic-Free Chicken

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With the rise in living standards that we enjoy today, many of us have become more aware of the food that we’re putting into our body. But besides the usual call to eat more organic produce, there has been a greater demand for antibiotic-free meats such as chicken!

Since chicken is such a widely consumed source of protein, it only makes sense that consumers are concerned about what goes into our flightless friends. To shed some light on the benefits of eating antibiotic-free chicken, we’ve listed these main reasons below!

Protects Immune Systems

Historically, many conventionally farmed animals have been given human antibiotics as part of the rearing process. This, of course, is alarming due to the sensitive nature of antibiotic consumption. A simple solution many farms and regulatory bodies have come up with is to state that the livestock is not fed any antibiotics that are “medically important to humans”.

But don’t be fooled, there can be a far cry from consuming antibiotic-free chicken and chicken that just don’t consume those specific antibiotics. This is because studies have shown that resistance genes don’t discriminate between the types of antibiotics you consume, and exposure to one type can still create resistance to another.

In the long run, this can compromise the strength of the human immune system, and make you more vulnerable to illnesses. This may be especially important for those who already have weak immune systems, but even for those who don’t, it’s always good to maintain a healthy system regardless!

Bacteria in Animals

Even in a developed country like Singapore, we’ve faced many bouts of superbugs in recent years. This has been attributed to previously treatable bacteria becoming stronger and stronger over the years, and that’s because they’ve become more resistant to our antibiotics!

In a somewhat similar sense, livestock such as chickens face extremely harsh living conditions when they’re being conventionally farmed, so to prevent deaths and diseases, many farmers give their chickens antibiotics. This has caused harmful bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics, and these bacteria can be spread to humans as well.

A study showed that in the US, approximately 2 million people get infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and of that number, 23,000 people die each year. On top of this number, many others have died from conditions that have been worsened by the exposure to this bacteria.

More Demand Means More Supply

So with all this grim evidence laid out on the table, the last point might very well be the most important. A huge reason why you should eat antibiotic-free meats is a simple rule of economics: The more we demand, the more they supply.

With recent demands, we have already seen many fast-food chains make the switch to antibiotic-free chickens, so with even greater demand, we can strive towards a long-term shift for the betterment of our population’s health!

Antibiotic-Free Chicken Singapore

Getting your hands on antibiotic-free chicken in Singapore is way easier than you think! In fact, you can order some fresh chicken online from your trusted poultry supplier. And yes, this goes for all you home cooks as well. At Kee Song, we supply deliver antibiotic-free chicken right to your home so you and your family can build a healthier diet, without breaking a sweat!

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