All You Need to Know About Halal-Certified Meat

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Halal Wholesale Meat Supply Singapore

All You Need to Know About Halal-Certified Meat

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You must have seen a Halal certification label when you buy meat or other food commodities. So, what does Halal-certified meat is all about? How is it linked to a particular community? This blog will clear all these questions that come to mind. Hence, the next time you look for wholesale meat in Singapore, you can easily understand its meaning.

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term which means “permissible” or “lawful.” In the context of food and drinks, it is acceptable for consumption by a person following Islam. Therefore, if an establishment is Halal certified, it has undergone audits and checks from a legal certification agency to guarantee that it complies with Halal laws. For example, MUIS is responsible for regulating Halal Certification in Singapore.

Checklist for Halal-certified meat

Are you searching for wholesale frozen meat in Singapore but not sure what Halal meat includes? Here is the mandatory checklist that decides whether a particular establishment is eligible for the Halal certification.

The meat is said to be Halal only when these rules are followed:

  • The animal needs to be given excellent care for the whole of its life. Some important points are a large area to roam, clean water, and fresh air.
  • No unclean drugs are utilised, and no sick animals are slaughtered.
  • The name of Allah (God) must be said while performing the sacrifice.
  • To achieve humane slaughter, the tool must be extremely sharp. The animal’s throat needs to be cut.
  • The animal cannot be asleep/unconscious at the time of slaughter.
  • The animal needs to be hanged upside-down and allowed to drain its blood completely. (Consuming blood is prohibited)
  • The animal has to have been fed a natural diet (No by-products from other animals). 

Is there any difference between the taste of Halal and regular meat?

Both types of meat are consumed worldwide. However, most people cannot tell if the meat is Halal or non-halal just by tasting it! Therefore, it would be a surprise for many that Halal meat is much tastier and healthier than regular meat. The main reason is that Halal meat might feel more tender since regular slaughtering practices require stunning, which can cause tough meat. In addition, in regular meat, the blood is not drained, which creates more chances of microorganisms and bad taste developing.

Bottom Line

We must appreciate the diversity of communities and the availability of halal wholesale meat suppliers in Singapore. At first, it might sound new and different to many, but halal meat can be much healthier, delicious, and budget-friendly in some cases. After all, it is our duty as responsible citizens to respect the dietary requirements of each other! Thankfully, one can find many meat & poultry suppliers with Halal certifications, and Kee Song is one of them. They are a leading poultry farm known for its innovative chicken-rearing technology. If you are also looking for a wide range of fresh or frozen high-quality chicken, visit their website today!

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