Innovative Chicken Farming: A New Era of Poultry

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Innovative Chicken Farming: A New Era of Poultry

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Chicken and poultry are consumed worldwide as a part of our staple diet. However, for quite some time, large-scale chicken consumption’s adverse environmental and health impacts have been in the spotlight.

To solve this issue, Singapore’s advanced chicken and poultry farms have developed an innovative farming process that yields high-quality chicken. These farms use lactobacillus to rear their yield and deliver chicken meat products of impeccable quality. Thus, purchasing healthy chicken from the best meat delivery in Singapore can benefit your health.

What is the new method of farming?

The new practice of rearing chickens using lactobacillus is sustainable and eco-friendly. Lactobacillus is also known as friendly bacteria. Such bacteria have a natural way of combating harmful bacteria. First, let’s take a look at the farming process.

The Process

In this process of yielding high-quality chickens, lactobacilli are added to the organic chicken fodder. The friendly bacteria combat harmful bacteria in the fodder to make it healthy and nutritious for the chicken to consume. This enhanced fodder helps:

  • Build the immunity of the chickens against diseases
  • Results in reduced cholesterol and saturated fat content

Thus, this farming technique helps rear chickens, a healthier choice for you. However, that’s not all. The benefits of a lactobacillus feed stretch further.

Benefits to the Environment

A lactobacilli feed has a reduced concentration of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. These residues are harmful to the environment and a major cause of the eutrophication of surface water. They also are a major cause of soil acidification leading to land degradation. Using lactobacilli feed helps prevent the build-up of these harmful chemicals in our soil.

Antibiotic-free Farming

The best fresh meat delivery in Singapore rears antibiotic-free chickens. These chickens are reared naturally by innovative farms using lactobacilli feed. Such farms commit to delivering only high-quality chicken to their customers. Since the chickens eat healthy immunity-boosting fodder, their excrements are free from harmful residues. The excrements are fermented with lactobacilli, turning them into organic fertilisers. These nutribiotic fertilisers improve the quality of agricultural farm soil and yield nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Quirky Farming Methods

The best chicken and poultry farmers pay attention to intangible elements to improve the health of chickens and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, poultry farms are known for their notorious noise levels. They significantly add to the current noise pollution problem we have.

However, the best farms understand this and play Mozart’s symphonies in the chicken coops to resolve the problem. Music helps in creating a healthier environment for keeping the chickens calmer. This eliminates toxic fumes and noise at a go!

If you were worried about consuming chicken owing to how unhealthy processed meat has become, you needn’t anymore. One of the best farms in Singapore, Kee Song, provides chickens reared using lactobacilli technology combined with innovative and sustainable farming methods. As a result, their yield is healthier than other meat delivery services and offers superior taste and quality. So if you’re searching for a fresh or frozen meat supplier in Singapore for chicken meat, we recommend Kee Song. Check out their website and select a range of top-quality fresh and frozen products in their store!

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