Healthy Habits – Why Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Chicken in Singapore is the Best Option

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Healthy Habits – Why Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Chicken in Singapore is the Best Option

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Chicken is one of the most versatile food items, and it is also an economical option. Therefore, it has made its way into a majority of household and fancy dishes around the world. But the perks surrounding hormone-free chicken in Singapore are increasing rapidly.

So, what is hormone-free chicken? All animals, plants and people produce hormones in their bodies, naturally, but artificially induced hormones don’t always work well with the body. Products such as hormone-free chicken are increasingly becoming popular now due to their organic benefits. And now, with increasing consciousness regarding organic foods, 36% of consumers have regarded eggs and poultry as the most important organic food in the market. Hence, poultries and farms in Singapore focus on breeding and nurturing organic and antibiotic free chicken.

Are you a health-conscious individual, buying only organic food? We think it is time for you to switch to antibiotic and hormone-free chicken. Let us tell you why?

5 reasons to switch to antibiotic and hormone-free chicken in Singapore

1. Super-drugs breed superbugs – When chickens are constantly injected with antibiotics and steroids, it makes them drug resistant. When people are consuming this chicken, it further leads to drug resistant diseases or infections.

2. Different taste – Organically bred and raised chickens definitely taste better. The taste and texture remain unaffected and authentic as there’s no external intervention of any artificial substance in the product.

3. Unnecessary procedure – Administering growth hormones in chickens is banned in Singapore. And using antibiotics is an unnecessary process. If the chickens are bred and raised in sustainable farms and receive proper health checks regularly, they can become an impeccable source of natural protein. Hence, the artificial methods of increasing their size and improving their health are unwarranted.

4. Damaged and diseased chickens – Often, poultries that are overcrowded and riddled with diseases and producing smaller and diseased chickens would administer synthetic substances. So, if you’re consuming antibiotic-injected chickens, chances are it has been bred and grown in poor conditions, causing their well-being and development to falter.

5. Sustainability and animal welfare – Conventional chicken farms often do not adhere to necessary sustainability and animal welfare guidelines. The birds in these farms suffer through inhumane living conditions, poor health treatments and so on. Furthermore, the environmental impact of these farms is quite severe. In conventional farms, the quantity of chicken waste is quite significant. Due to the high amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in chicken waste, it can lead to devastating impact on soil and water health around the farms.

Happy Chicken, Happy Consumer

Gone are the days when checking the label or making conscious food choices wasn’t necessary. In today’s age of adulteration, organic purchase is the only way to keep your body as healthy and pure as a sanctuary. Accredited hatcheries in Singapore provide healthy and happy living conditions for the chicken, thorough medical exams and health check-ups to ensure disease-free chicken for you. Consumption of healthy and free-range chicken leads to positive health and well-being in consumers.

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