Singaporean Chicken Cuts: Delicacies and Dishes They Inspire

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Singaporean Chicken Cuts: Delicacies and Dishes They Inspire

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When we say this we mean it: Singaporeans love their chicken, and what’s there to not like about this versatile ingredient? The texture, taste, nutritional content, everything is just right! Especially, when we are talking about organically farmed lacto chicken, farmed without antibiotics and low in cholesterol and saturated fats, no one can avoid a delicacy made with the right chicken cuts. Wondering what are the different cuts of a chicken used in Singaporean cuisine? Here you go!

Chicken Breast

Often celebrated for its leanness, the chicken breast is used in dishes like Hainanese Chicken Rice. Its versatility allows for grilling, baking, or poaching, offering a tender base for various sauces and marinades.

Chicken Thigh

Renowned for its juiciness and richness, chicken thighs are favoured in dishes such as Chicken Curry and Laksa. Their higher fat content brings depth to stews and braises, making them a flavourful choice for slow-cooked dishes.

Chicken Wings

A popular choice for snacks or appetizers, Singaporean chicken wings are often marinated in a blend of spices and sauces before being grilled or deep-fried. Hawker stalls frequently serve them as a mouthwatering treat.

Chicken Feet

Surprisingly, chicken feet find their place in Singaporean cuisine as a delicacy. Often used in soups and stews, they contribute to a gelatinous texture and are renowned for their collagen content. Besides, chicken feet also have great nutritional value, which is why it is also used in Chinese medicine at times!

Cooking with Chicken cuts

Most people don’t realise that every chicken part lends itself to a variety of dishes. While the breast portion is perfect for salads and stir-fries, thighs go great in curries and braised dishes. On the other hand, wings can be marinated and grilled for a quick appetizer and chicken feet can be used to add a unique texture to soups.

Searching for chicken cuts at wholesale rates?

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