5 Mouthwatering Chicken Mince Recipes with a Singaporean Twist

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5 Mouthwatering Chicken Mince Recipes with a Singaporean Twist

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If you have to name one of the most versatile ingredients made from chicken, chicken mincewould definitely top the list. From dumplings to stir-fried rice recipes and noodles, you can use chicken mincein a myriad of recipes. Although it is relatively easy to cook with the mince, if you want to think out of the box and curate some brand-new recipes with a Singaporean twist, here are five alternatives you can consider:

1. Hainanese Chicken Meatballs

Hainanese cuisine holds a special place in Singapore’s culinary landscape. Transforming chicken mince into succulent meatballs with fragrant rice, ginger, and garlic is a delightful twist on the classic Hainanese chicken rice. These meatballs, simmered in a savoury broth of chicken stock and soy sauce, offer a comforting and flavoursome experience.

2. Thai Basil Minced Chicken

Thai Basil Minced Chicken, a culinary gem, amalgamates the bold flavours of minced chicken with the aromatic allure of basil. Its appeal lies in the fusion of sweet, savoury, and spicy notes. Sauté minced chicken with garlic, chili, and soy sauce, allowing the meat to absorb the fragrant seasonings. Toss in fresh basil leaves for a burst of aroma, infusing the dish with herbal freshness. This quick stir-fry captivates taste buds with its tantalizing blend, making it a beloved Thai classic.

3. Chicken Mince Laksa Soup

Laksa, a spicy noodle soup enriched with coconut milk, receives a delightful twist with the addition of chicken mince. The mince is sautéed with aromatic spices and incorporated into the creamy coconut broth along with rice noodles, bean sprouts, and fresh herbs, and this fusion of flavours creates a heartwarming and deeply satisfying soup.

4. Sambal Chicken Mince Lettuce Wraps

Sambal, a fiery chilli paste, elevates the layers of zests in chicken mince. The mince is cooked with sambal paste, soy sauce, and a touch of sweetness, then nestled into crisp lettuce leaves. Topped with diced cucumbers, onions, and a squeeze of lime, these wraps offer a delightful burst of flavour in each bite.

5. Chicken Mince Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, a fragrant Indonesian fried rice dish, gets a Singaporean makeover with the addition of savoury chicken mince. Stir-fried with rice, kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), and an array of vegetables, the dish is topped with a fried egg for a satisfying meal bursting with umami goodness.


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