Beyond the Roast: Unconventional Whole Chicken Dishes

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Beyond the Roast: Unconventional Whole Chicken Dishes

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Most people love the idea of cooking with chicken parts, but when it comes to cooking a whole chicken, it’s not that easy. Everyone thinks of roasting with some spices, herbs or stuffing, but do you know there are tons of ways beyond the classic roast? Well, if you need some inspiration, we have some dishes made with whole chickenthat can take centre stage on your menu!

1. Chicken Tagine: A Moroccan Delight

Originating from Morocco, chicken tagine involves slow-cooking chicken with an array of spices, dried fruits, and sometimes nuts in a unique conical-shaped pot called a tagine. The slow simmering allows the flavours to meld together, creating a rich, aromatic dish that tantalizes the taste buds. The blend of sweet and savoury notes makes this dish a standout.

2. Chicken Under a Brick: Italian Charm

A technique popular in Italian cooking, chicken under a brick involves flattening a whole chicken and cooking it under the weight of a brick or a heavy pan, this method ensures even cooking and results in crispy skin while keeping the meat succulent. The added pressure aids in quicker cooking and enhances the different layers of flavours in the meat.

3. Beer Can Chicken: Fun and Flavorful

A backyard barbecue favourite, beer can chicken involves placing a whole chicken upright over an open beer can and grilling or roasting it. The beer steams and cooks the chicken from the inside, resulting in tender, juicy meat. The process also allows for creative seasoning and basting options, making it a versatile and enjoyable dish for gatherings.

4. Chinese Drunken Chicken: Infused with Spirits

In Chinese cuisine, drunken chicken involves marinating a whole chicken in a mixture of Chinese rice wine, soy sauce, and various spices. The chicken is then steamed until tender and infused with the flavours of the marinade, and if you would serve it in a restaurant, the dish showcases the art of marination and steaming, creating a delicate and aromatic meal.

5. Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice

This dish features poached whole chicken steeped in ginger-infused broth, served with fragrant rice cooked in chicken fat, accompanied by chilli sauce and soy-based dip. This iconic dish showcases tender chicken and aromatic rice, embodying Singapore’s diverse culinary heritage in a single plate.

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