Why You Should Be Eating Hormone-Free Chicken?

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Organic Lacto Chicken

Why You Should Be Eating Hormone-Free Chicken?

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If you have to name one universal cuisine of this era that spans different ethnic borders- the answer would be chicken. With its consistent texture and mild flavours, chicken is like an interesting blank canvas for those who like to experiment with their recipes or their flavour palette. However, just like any other ingredient in this decade, chicken isn’t free of adulteration as well. The question is: Is fresh, hormone-free chicken in Singapore better than conventional one? Well, the answer is yes. There are many upsides of hormone-free chicken. Let’s dive through some of them right away!

Excellent source of protein

When you consume high-quality chicken, you can get the best protein content. The higher the quality of the chicken, the more amount of nutrients it has. The amount of protein is more because the chicken was fed a better diet and sourced organically. You can rest assured that a single chicken breast would be sufficient to provide you with almost half of your protein content for the day, which you need for growing and repairing your cells.

More humane

Unlike the hormone-inducing poultry farms, the natural ones take time to ensure their chickens are properly fed and they can spend more time outdoors. Chickens in these farms are raised and tended more humanely and produce less waste. This makes these farms more environmentally friendly.  The chickens are raised in more humane conditions that make them better for every environmentally conscious consumer out there.

Better taste

As compared to the hormone-induced chicken, organically farmed ones taste better. The answer is simple. When chickens are fed up with a high-quality diet, they taste better as compared to hormone-fed ones that are plumped up quickly using shortcuts and fed unregulated feed.

Devoid of steroids

Now, this is the most important bit you cannot disagree with. Hormones and steroids are often coupled together and given to chickens to plump them up. In some females, hormone-fed chicken can cause conditions like PCOD, but with normal chicken, the threat of something happening like this is zero. Modern farming techniques are cruel and at the end of the day, you end up consuming these chickens in your diet. However, with the conventionally farmed chicken, this won’t be the case.


Needless to say a scrumptious plate of chicken tandoori can be the star of your table. A hot and spicy plate of chicken wings can be the favourite of people of all ages and whatnot. Creamy, rich butter chicken steals the limelight of any good restaurant’s menu and a warm soothing bowl of soup can comfort your senses when you are feeling down. When you love chicken so much, you must get organic chicken breast in Singapore. Whether you are a restauranteur, retailer or just a homemaker with a penchant for cooking, ensure to get the best quality organic Lacto chicken for your next recipes.

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