Busting Top 5 Myths About Frozen Meat

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Frozen Meat Supply in Singapore

Busting Top 5 Myths About Frozen Meat

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We all know that person who claims that anything frozen is highly unhealthy. However, it’s time to stop believing such myths and get an eye-opener. According to USDA, there is only a slight change in the nutritional value of meat during frozen storage. Thus, you can say that there is no massive difference between the nutritional value of frozen and fresh chicken! Today we will bust similar myths so that the next time you contact a frozen meat supplier in Singapore, there’s no room for doubt in your mind.


Frozen meat is of inferior quality to fresh meat

The first and foremost misconception is about frozen meat being of inferior quality. Well, that’s not true at all! When meat is frozen and stored, there is only a slight nutritional loss, mainly protein. However, most of the protein and other nutrients are still intact, which makes its nutritional value similar to fresh meat.


Frozen meat expires and goes bad

The only way frozen meat can go bad is through storage and thawing. For example, the best way to retain the freshness of frozen meat is to thaw it in the refrigerator. You don’t have to worry about spoilage as long as the meat is stored at ambient temperature and with the correct thawing method. In addition, it is not recommended to re-frost the thawed meat to prevent bacterial contamination and food poisoning.


All frozen meat is highly processed

While certain frozen products might require heavy processing, this is not always the case. Although it could be true in olden times, the industry is aware of the health factor these days. Therefore, you can find minimally processed frozen meat as delicious and healthy as fresh meat.


Frozen meat is high in sodium and preservatives

When talking about wholesale frozen meat in Singapore, one must know that freezing is a preservation technique. Further, more and more suppliers and poultry farms are striving to meet health-conscious customers’ demands. All in all, frozen meat uses minimal processing and preservatives to retain freshness and nutritional value.


Frozen food is costly and not worth it

Most of us believe that anything processed or frozen is expensive. However, this might not be the case with every food item. Especially when it comes to frozen meat and chicken, it can help you prepare a budget meal for all instead of spending a fortune on dine-out and takeaway.


The bottom line is that frozen chicken is as delicious and nutritious as the fresh one. Frozen chicken dinners are a quick and healthy way to eat for themselves and their family. To create high-quality chicken, frozen food suppliers in Singapore use advanced preparation and storage processes. Luckily, you can find certified poultry farms like Kee Song that rear poultry using superior lactobacilli technology. With their quality and consistency, they have emerged as a leading poultry producer, ensuring tender and low-fat chicken every time! So get in touch with them to order fresh and frozen chicken meat today.

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