Organic Lacto Chicken in Singapore: What You Can Expect?

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Organic Lacto Chicken in Singapore: What You Can Expect?

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Are you sceptical that organically grown chicken is just a marketing ploy? It’s not. Numerous chicken suppliers in Singapore take poultry seriously, employing top-tier farming practices and advanced technology to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are curious about the advantages of consuming organic Lacto chicken and where to find trustworthy sources, continue reading.

Benefits of Organic Lacto Chicken

  • Nutrient-Rich: Lacto chicken is known to be packed with essential nutrients. In the growing stage, the best chicken suppliers in Singapore give them a better environment that helps chicken improve their natural behaviours, resulting in leaner meat that has a higher protein, vitamin, and mineral content.
  • No Antibiotics or Hormones: One of the primary distinctions of organic lacto chicken is the absence of antibiotics and growth hormones in their feed. It ensures that the meat remains free from these potentially harmful substances, promoting healthier eating for consumers.
  • No Chemical Residues: Organic farming practices exclude the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the risk of chemical residues in the meat. It provides peace of mind to those concerned about the potential health hazards associated with chemical residues. Particularly for parents, it provides added satisfaction since children have a strong preference for chicken.
  • Better Taste: Organic Lacto chicken is known for its superior taste and texture. The natural living conditions and high-quality diet of these birds contribute to meat that’s not only healthier but also more delicious, making it a delightful addition to various recipes. No matter the recipe, fresh and quality chicken can enhance the flavour.
  • Ethical Farming: Lacto chicken is often raised in more humane conditions. These birds have access to the outdoors, better living conditions, and more space to move around. Ethical farming practices ensure a healthy growing stage for animals, aligning with the values of consumers who are concerned about chemical-induced methods.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Organic farming is generally more sustainable for the environment. It reduces the pollution associated with conventional farming practices and encourages biodiversity. Choosing organic chicken is a conscious choice to support eco-friendly agriculture.

Do all chicken suppliers in Singapore offer organic lacto chicken?

Not all suppliers in Singapore provide organic chicken for their customers. Only a select few specialise in this type of poultry, as it requires specific farming practices. To obtain organically grown chicken, consumers must carefully choose suppliers based on their commitment to organic farming methods, such as chemical-free feed, natural living conditions, and lactobacillus-rich diets for the chickens.

The distinction between conventional and organic poultry is crucial, and it’s important to verify a supplier’s credentials and farming technology to ensure you are getting genuine organic Lacto chicken. Be discerning when selecting your chicken source for this premium and sustainable product.

We’re all aware that in conventional chicken farming, Roxarsone is used in their feed. This arsenic-based chemical is included in some chicken feeds to combat parasites, boost growth rates, and enhance meat colouration. In humans, regular consumption of this chemical, through chickens, can result in elevated levels of organic arsenic, leading to potential health issues like vision problems, head tremors, lack of coordination, euphoria, difficulty walking, partial paralysis, and full paralysis. (Source:,continue%20to%20eat%20and%20drink.) Opting for the organic approach helps you avoid these types of risks.

 The Best Choice For Better Health

So, who is the most reliable chicken supplier? In Singapore, Kee Song stands out as the top choice. With their cutting-edge farming techniques and technologies, they provide the finest organic Lacto chicken to their customers at an affordable price, free from side effects and rich in health benefits.

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